The Culture We Live!

Customer Service

  • Customer satisfaction is a priority to us.
  • We offer exceptional customer service to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Quality/ Productivity/ Pride in our work place

  • We provide a high level of quality to ensure repeat customers.
  • We take ownership of our own workload as a priority while helping others to achieve their goals to enhance productivity.
  • We take pride in providing exceptional service and exceptional products.


  • WHS is a high priority to keep all employees safe.
  • The company sees the proper management of Workplace Health and Safety as ranking equally with all other operational considerations.

Honesty/ Integrity/ Respect

  • We believe that honesty is paramount to a successful business.
  • We treat everyone with fairness and dignity. We respect each others cultures and beliefs.

Communication/ Listening

  • We create a positive culture by listening to each other and taking action to maintain continuous improvement.
  • Attitude (Positive) We promote positive attitudes to create cohesion and a successful team environment.

Team work/ Cooperation

  • Our hardworking and cooperative teams strive to achieve more.
  • We are dedicated to our work and to the finished product.
  • We encourage a fun and enjoyable environment.

Leadership/ Staff development

  • Management provides everyone equal opportunity to excel personally and professionally.
  • We recognise and acknowledge staff achievements.

Continuous Improvement/ Excellence/ Success

  • AEM is always looking for ways to increase customer satisfaction with staff, products and service.
  • We strive to continue living a culture to improve and achieve excellence and success.