Dynajet XJ70P

Davey Dynajet XJ/P Series with Pressure Switch – The Everyday Series

Manufacturer: Davey

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Davey Dynajet XJ70P

Bore Pumps Adelaide

Davey Dynajet XJ70P with pressure switch is ideal for average to large-sized, single and double-storey homes to use for drawing water from a level that is below the pump, such as in a buried or partially buried tank. Moreover, they are perfect for domestic irrigation application from shallow wells or sand spears.


  • Single-stage jet assisted centrifugal with closed vane impeller.
  • 303 stainless steel pump shaft.
  • Internal suction side check valve fitted.
  • Mechanical shaft seal.
  • O-ring casing seals.
  • Pressure switch control with adjustable cut-in and cut-out pressure.

The Motor is Davey manufactured with Class F insulation. It has a permanently split capacitor design and protected against both high operating temperatures and high current by built-in automatically resetting thermal overload.


  • Manufactured from the highest quality corrosion-resistant material
  • Compact base mounting for quick and easy installation
  • Fully adjustable pressure switch allows for installation adjustments
  •  TEFC motor-corrosion resistant and excludes dust and dirt
  • Motor and pump designed for frequent start
  •  Every tank and pump unit individually tested to guarantee reliable operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to service if required

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