Davey Poly Spun Cartridges

Davey FilterPure Poly Spun Cartridges

Davey FilterPure Poly Spun is a depth filter cartridge to remove solids from water. Models to filter to 20, 5 and 1 micron. Dual gradient depth models also available.

Various models available

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 FilterPure Poly Spun Cartridges

Suits 10” Standard, 10” Jumbo or 20” Jumbo housings.

Polypropylene spun melt filter cartridges offer several advantages particularly in drinking, food and pure water applications. Their construction is all food grade polypropylene – no gaskets, binders, fillers, loose fibres, centre core or surfactants to be concerned about. They are extra-ordinarily clean with no extractables, meeting regulatory guidelines for use in food, pharmaceutical and potable water use.

Every cartridge consists of thousands of interlocked, thermally bonded fibres. The bonding means that fibres are less likely to shift with changes in flow or pressure and therefore do not release contaminants downstream. All this is achieved at a price no higher than the basic wound cartridge. In most applications on-line life is likely to be longer than a wound cartridge of the same rating. The 1 micron cartridge has a Cryptosporidium cyst removal rating of >99%.

Dual Gradient Models – Suits 10″ Jumbo Only

The Polypropylene Spun Dual Gradient combination filter cartridge offers both pre-filtration and one micron final filtration in a single cartridge – frequently eliminating the need for a separate pre-filter cartridge and housing. Sized to fit 10” Jumbo housings these cartridges offer many times the dirt holding ability of standard cartridges


  • Drinking Water
  • Beverage Industry
  • Mineral Water Bottling
  • Laboratory use
  • Food Industry
  • Prefiltration ahead of sub-micron filters or Reverse Osmosis.
  • Other industrial applications where low contamination levels are needed eg. plating solutions, oil, hydraulic fluid.

 Service Life

Depends on micron rating and suspended solids level (not cleanable).


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Davey Spun Cartridges

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