Davey ProMaster Pool Pump Adelaide

Davey ProMaster Pool Pump (PM200BT)

The newly released “8 Star” Davey ProMaster pool pump now with Bluetooth offers exceptionally quiet operation at 50dBa* and full variable speed selection between 1500 to 3600 rpm.






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Davey ProMaster Pool Pump (PM200BT)

Davey ProMaster (PM200BT) is a super quite, high efficient pool pump. It is ideal for pool filtration, in-floor pool cleaning systems, connection to external pool controllers, heat pumps, and gas heaters. It is also suitable for pools from up to 110,000 litres.


Bluetooth – enabled to allow set and control functionality from your iOS or Android smartphone.

Fully Variable Speed Control – The ProMaster offers the pool owner and operator total control over the speed at which the pump needs to operate, from 1,500 rpm to 3,600 rpm.

Super Quiet – Designed with a unique water cooled motor which captures noise and vibrations, allowing super-quiet operation, rated down to 50 dBa. Your neighbours won’t even know it’s there.

Backwash Function – ProMaster is designed with a selectable backwash cycle that runs the pump for 2 minutes at 3,800 rpm before shutting down. It provides for safe, reliable and easy operation of the pump when back washing your media filter.

Dependable – ProMaster incorporates unique loss of prime protection to minimise pump damage if no water is available to the pump.

Convenient – By water-cooling the motor, ProMaster does not require air ventilation, and gives installers more flexibility with pump positioning.

Therefore, it is:

  •  Easy to install, set and operate, no complicated digital push button controls
  •  Automatic restart technology
  •  Large 4.5 litre leaf basket for long intervals between cleaning
  •  Over temperature derating, pump will automatically slow down in high ambient temperatures



Ideal for swimming pool applications such as:

  •  Filtration
  •  Suction & in-floor pool cleaning system
  •  Backwashing
  •  Water features
  •  Spa jet operation
  •  Solar pool heating
  •  Gas and heat pump spa & pool heating


Download Davey ProMaster Brochure Here