LPP-T Peristaltic Transfer Pumps
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LPP-T Peristaltic Transfer Pumps

Designed for heavy industrial duties, the LPP-T pumps are ideal for abrasive, corrosive, viscous or crystallizing media. Capacities up to 40m³/h.


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Flowrox LPP-T Peristaltic Transfer Pumps

LPP-T pumps are manufactured using durable elastomers and advanced body materials making them perfect for pumping a wide range of media. They provide substantial savings through improved process performance and efficiency, long service intervals and low maintenance costs.

One Compression is All You Need!

A single, bearing-mounted roller presses against the hose only once per the 360 degree operating cycle, producing the maximum flow per revolution and offering the longest lifetime possible.

Unique Rolling Design

Larox LPP-T pumps incorporate an advanced design, which eliminates friction, maximizes hose lifetime and lowers energy  consumption. The roller is mounted on a crankshaft creating eccentric rotation during the 360 degree operating cycle. Compared to conventional peristaltic pumps, the LPP-T pumps double the flow per hose compression.

Process Benefits

  • No wear and corrosion
  • Dry Run capability
  • Self-priming
  • Exact flow per revolution irrespective of the pipeline pressure
  • Accurate flow
  • No mixing or shearing of the medium
  • Higher flow per compression than any other peristaltic pump
  • Extended hose lifetime
  • High pressure capability
  • No overheating at higher continuous flow rate
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Easy maintenance
  • Lower operating costs



  • Only the hose is in contact with the medium.
  • No gland water or packing.
  • Full vacuum capability.
  • No backward flow.
  • 360 degree operating cycle.
  • Only one compression per revolution.
  • Rolling hose contact.
  • Low lubrication need.
  • In-line pipe connection.
  • Patented hose connection.
  • Patented hose compression adjustment mechanism.



  • Mining and Metal Industry: Metal concentrates, mineral slurries, flocculants.
  • Chemical Process Industries: Paints, acids, resins.
  • Water and Effluent Treatment: Slurries, sludge, mud, additives.
  • Pulp and Paper Industry: Paper coatings, glues, additives.
  • Pigments and Fillers: GCC, PCC, talc, kaolin, TiO2.
  • Energy Production: Lime, waste slurries, gypsum.
  • Food and Beverage Industry: Filtering, filtration aids, diatomaceous earth, starch.
  • Construction Industry: Mortars, plasters, bentonite, cement.
  • Oil and Offshore Drilling: mud, waste sludge.


Download datasheets below

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Flowrox_LPP-T100 technical datasheet_AUS

Flowrox_LPP-T32 technical datasheet_AUS

Flowrox_LPP-T25 technical datasheet_AUS



Products specifications
Maximum Flow 40 m3/hr
Maximum Pressure 10 bar