Grundfos unilift kp series

Grundfos Unilift KP 250 Series

Unilift KP series are multipurpose, submersible stainless steel pumps. Available in manual and automatic operation.
Unilift KP 250 is a single stage submersible pump designed for pumping drain water or grey wastewater.

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Grundfos Unilift KP250

The Grundfos Unilift KP250 is a lightweight, single-stage pump with a semi-open impeller. It is perfect for liquid transfer and pumping of drain water and grey wastewater. All Unilift KP pumps can be supplied with or without float switch, for automatic or manual operation. The Unilift KP- A or M variant, are for automatic or manual operation, while the AV variant is for narrow pits, with a non-return flap valve for installation in the outlet.

Grundfos Unilift KP250 has a stainless steel surface, with a stainless steel sleeve for cooling during operation. The pump is small and handy, suitable for permanent installation or as a portable pump. The suction strainer at the bottom of the pump prevents particles larger than the pump from entering. The suction strainer is clipped on to the pump housing for easy removal, in case of maintenance.

The motor incorporates automatic overload protection which cuts out the motor in the event of overload. When it has cooled to normal temperature, the motor restarts automatically.


  • Lifting wastewater from washing machines, showers, wash basins, located below drain pipe.
  • Drainage of flooded cellars, sumps etc.
  • Drainage or filling of swimming pools or tanks.
  • Transfer of liquids in agriculture, horticulture and industry.
  • Pumping water from shallow wells.


  • Compact Design
  • Stainless Steel Construction (AISI 304)
  • Wide range, with automatic and manual versions. KP also available with standard float (A1) or a vertical float (Niro).
  • Easy maintenance of the strainer and power/float cable.


  • Semi Open Impeller
  • IP 68 Motor & Class F Insulation
  • 1 X 240V pumps include capacitor and thermal overload protection.

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Products specifications
Power Output 0.14-0.25 kW
Phase 1 Ph
Connection Size Outlet 1 1/4″F
Water Temperature 0/50
Warranty Period 2 Years