Onga Hi FLO 252 Pumps

Onga Hi FLO 252 Pumps

These pumps are suitable for jobs involving rugged terrain where a compact water transfer pump is required.
Onga Hi FLO 252 is cast iron construction suitable for upto 25 m head and 310 Lpm
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Onga Hi FLO 252 Pumps

The Onga Hi FLO 112 (moulded construction) and Onga Hi FLO 252 Pumps (cast iron construction) provide flowrates over 300 litres per minute, and total head up to 25 metres.


  • Award winning Hi-flo impeller for high pressure, high flow, and great efficiency with lower operating cost.
  • Moulded pump casing (112) which is lightweight and corrosion resistant.
  • TEFC water-proof and vermin-proof motor.
  • In-built thermal overload protection.
  • Three phase option available.


  • Water Transfer
  • Agricultural and Horticultural Applications
Products specifications
Warranty Period 10 Years* *10 year warranty is pro-rata 100% replacement value from 0-5 years from purchase, 50% replacement value from 5-10 years from purchase date. This applies to sand filter tank. MPV and laterals are warranted for 1 year only.