RN Parallel Shaft Gearbox

RN Parallel Shaft Gearbox

RN Parallel Shaft Gearbox is designed for fractional and medium drives.

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RN Parallel Shaft Gearbox

Shaft Mounted gearboxes are made for light industry applications like the drive of belt conveyors. Due to their long-term reliability and reduced maintenance requirements are particularly suitable in outdoor installations. Also, the design of RN Parallel Shaft Gearbox is according to the latest ISO engineering specifications with the help of computer-aided structural analysis for displacement and stress field. The shaft-mounted version allows the flange mount B5 conversion by simply fitting one of the many output flanges available. Various dimensions and types of output shafts are available for the majority of applications.

Main Use: fractional and medium drives

Range: 6 sizes; aluminium pressure die cast up to size 3; grey cast iron from size 4 up; 2 and 3 stages

Nm 180 – 2360
kW 0.22 – 22
i 6.3 – 315


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