EF2400iS Portable Inverter Generator

The Yamaha EF2400iS is a 2.4 kVA petrol powered inverter generator. It’s light (32 kg), super quiet (54 dBA), and powerful – producing 2400 Watts of maximum power.




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Yamaha EF2400iS Portable Inverter Generator

When Yamaha built their latest inverter generator, they listened to exactly what customers wanted. Not only is it super-quiet (54-59dBA @ 7m), it only weighs 32 kilos and produces 2400 watts of maximum power. Cleaner, quieter and more powerful, the EF2400iS is the next step forward in generator technology.

Environment-Friendly Design

The EF2400iS has been built to clear the US EPA Phase II and CARB Tier II emissions standards (the world’s strictest), as well as the 2002/88/EC standard of Europe and Japan’s LEMA standard. What’s more, this model is assembled in our factories that are certified under the ISO 9001 and 140001 standards and have eliminated use of toxic materials like cadmium, lead and sexivalent chrome in accordance with Yamaha’s self-instigated regulations. They also boast a 97.1% recycle-ability ratio, all of which adds up to make this a very environment-friendly model.

Functional and pleasing new design

The aluminium die-cast frame and smooth, handsome lines with minimal interruptions to its flat surfaces give this model a design that is not out of place in either household or utility uses. In addition, the design provides easy access to the oil filler cap and air filter, and easier access for oil changes and other servicing.

What is the Parallel Use function?

Parallel Use means the capacity to connect two generators of the same specification and operate them together to provide quality electricity with a maximum output of roughly double that of the single unit, while retaining the same voltage and frequency. This function makes it possible to run appliances or loads too heavy for one generator. The EF2400iS is designed with a special Yamaha-specification cable to connect two units so they run simultaneously, to produce an electrical output of a maximum of 3.8 kVA, without any special operations or setting adjustment.

What is an Inverter system?

Generally, the running speed of a petrol engine-driven alternator changes in accordance with the amount of electrical load it is placed under, resulting in fluctuations in the voltage output and frequency of the electricity generated.

An inverter enables the supply of high-quality “sine wave” electricity that is characterized by stable voltage and frequency, thus making it a power source that can be used with precision equipment or microcomputer-controlled electrical appliances and equipment.

Virtually Silent Noise Block

Generating electricity can be a noisy proposition, or at least, it used to be. The answer is Yamaha’s Noise Block feature – an acoustically engineered sound recduction system – available on soundproof models (denoted with an ‘S’ in the model number).

This technology utilises various sound-absorbing materials, molded cases, an intake silencer, fibreglass insulation, plus newly designed mufflers and fans to provide virtually silent running, while maintaining quality performance.


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Products specifications
Peak Rating 2.4 kVA
Continuous Rating 2.0 kVA
Output Type Single Phase, 240 Volt AC, 50 Hz
Fuel Type Unleaded Petrol
Engine Brand Yamaha