The most common cause of motor burnout is due to insulation breakdown, which is often due to age or moisture. The process of rewinding an electric motor involves the stripping and replacement of coils and insulation.

AEM can rewind AC & DC motors, armatures, coils, transformers, alternators and generators – anything from fractional kilowatt to industrial 1 Megawatt motors and above.

EASA have conducted studies that show that if the correct procedures are followed when rewinding a motor, it will retain its original efficiencies, and in some cases it will improve its efficiency. AEM follows EASA reccommended practices for rewind and repair of rotating machinery.

A complete overhaul of the machine is performed as part of the rewind process.

Load Testing: AEM is also able to offer load testing on AC and DC motors.Load testing is a process of identifying a motor’s efficiency and determining its behavior under the normal peak loads.

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