AS/NZS 3800 Verified Ex Workshop

AEM conforms to 2 Australian Standards certifications: Quality Endorsed Company (ISO9001), and Verified Ex Workshop (AS/NZS 3800).

Quality Endorsed Company (ISO9001) certification means that AEM is obligated to complete work above a specified minimum standard, set out by the Australian Standards board. For you, the customer, this guarantees our services are completed with results of extremely high quality and reliability.

Similarly, Verified Ex Workshop (AS/NZS 3800) certification means that we can perform work on hazardous area motors, e.g. Motors operating in explosive atmospheres. If these types of motors aren’t repaired to a high level of workmanship (as established by the Standard), serious property damage, injuries or fatalities could occur. The 5-tick Certified Workshop stamp means you can rest assured knowing your hazardous area equipment will exceed the safety requirements for operation.

AEM are currently the only AS/NZS 3800 verified Ex workshop in South Australia.