AEM is also able to offer load testing on AC and DC motors. Load testing is a process of identifying a motor’s efficiency and determining its behavior under the normal peak loads.

Why have your motors load tested?

  • To monitor the performance of the motor at full load working condition.
  • To identify the maximum operating capacity/efficiency as well as any faults.
  • DC motors – helps to check sparking on the commutators.
  • Peace of mind for the customer after rewind or repair of a motor.

What AEM can offer
Testing on various size motors ranging from:-

  • 6kW – 250kW (DC Motors)
  • 22kW – 250kW (AC Motors)
  • 900rpm – 5000rpm
  • Foot mounted motors
  • Foot & flange mounted motors

Other Information

  • Motors above 250kW can only be tested at 50% of load
  • During the load test, the Amps (current) of the motors is monitored and checked against their nameplate ratings
  • DC motors are checked by the running current in line with the running speed and kW The temperature of the motors is observed against the ambient temperature after the test
  • Different couplings are available to suit various shaft sizes
  • Load test report is available for customer’s review