Cast Iron Sleeves

These ready made sleeves enable a quick and reliable repair of the bearing housings, saving time and costs associated with making your own.

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Cast Iron Sleeves – Eze-Sleeves®

The cast iron sleeves are made from high quality class 40 grey iron.
Eze-Sleeves® have become a staple in the electric motor repair industry after being introduced in 1986.

Quick and EZE. Cost Saving, Time Saving, Eze-Sleeve®

Abbreviated installation procedure

  1. Chuck and indicate the housing in the lathe.
  2. Machine the bearing surface to a diameter.002 smaller than the O.D. of the sleeve.
  3. Press in the sleeve by using the tailstock, freezing the sleeve, heating the housing, or driving it in with a hammer.
  4. Machine the extended portion of the sleeve to the bearing diameter.
  5. Once the proper diameter is obtained in the extended portion of the sleeve: finish machining the sleeve using a fine feed rate.
  6. If necessary, a light sanding may be used to get an exact dimension.
  7. Machine off the extended portion of the sleeve.
  8. If necessary, machine a slight chamfer to allow the bearing to enter the housing.
  9. The housing is now ready for assembly.

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