50pp10 Filterpure Poly Pleated Filters

Poly Pleated to suit 10″ Standard Filter Housing.

50 micron Pleated Sediment Cartridges with maximum flow rate of 48 lpm.

Available in-store only.


Davey Poly Pleated Filters – 50 Micron 10″ Cartridge 50PP10

Davey Poly Pleated Filters offer practical filtration with the convenience of a cartridge filter and the economy of cleanabilty. High surface area pleated construction means longer run length, high flow rates, high dirt holding ability and low pressure drop, giving the lowest cost per litre filtered.
Pleated cartridges are particularly useful for low pressure applications such as domestic supplies, using header tanks or roof water.

Commonly used in 1st stage of filtration to remove larger sediment, rust and algae.

Correctly selected cartridge elements will clear discoloured water and remove impurities producing sparkling, safe to drink water.

50PP10 cartridge Applications

  • Drinking water
  • Beverage industry
  • Mineral water bottling
  • Laboratory use
  • Food industry
  • Prefiltration ahead of submicron filters or Reverse Osmosis
  • Other industrial applications where low contamination levels are needed

Cartridge also available in 20″. Range from 50 micron to 1 micron.

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