Davey rainbank krb1

Davey RainBank can typically save up to 40% of water supplied from the mains, helping to preserve our precious resource

• RainBank KRB1 provides adequate pressure (300kPa)  for single storey homes

• Seamlessly switches between tank water and mains water, to supply up to two  toilets, plus laundry and for garden watering

• Supplied with an HP45-05 pump, top entry float and also available in a floatless version for flooded suction applications

Available in-store only


RainBank KRB1 is ideal for metropolitan rainwater harvesting on homes, toilet blocks and garden irrigation.

Rainbank KRB1 – $900 inc. GST


  • RainBank automatically switches between rainwater and mains water supply, so there is no need for consumer intervention.
  • Feedback lights to indicate water source and faults.
  • Unique patented, yet uncomplicated technology, providing a dependable solution to rainwater harvesting.
  • Environmentally friendly:
    – Saving water
    – Reduced inflow to stormwater systems
    – No re-pumping of mains water
    – Low power consumption in standby
  • No solenoid valves used
  • Provides seamless mains back-up in the event of no rainwater or electrical interruptions, for consumer convenience and comfort.
  • Adaptable to existing pumps and rainwater tanks, to reduce waste and use existing resources.
  • Built-in backflow protection valve (dual check valve) in compliance with the requirements of AS/NZS 3500-1-2003 for added safety and assured protection of your mains water supply.
  • Can be mounted on pump or on nearby wall for easier installation and to suit a variety of applications. Best mounted near the laundry and away from bedrooms.
  • Simple to install with no adjustment necessary, saving time and money at installation.


Download Datasheet Here